How To Make Pili Powder: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Pepper Powder Spice Packs

The following is a guide to powdering hot cayenne peppers, as shown by Omari, Zakina, Mama Yusufu, Bazu and myself.

Step 1: After harvesting hot peppers, lay them out in the solar dryer for 19-30 days to dry thoroughly (depending on the weather – rainier seasons require a few extra drying days)


Step 2: Twonga the peppers (mash them until they become powder)


Step 3: Wear proper protective gear – put on extra layers, gloves, and a mask. Goggles are also helpful. These peppers are no joke! They burn. Safety is important.


Step 4: Because the peppers were mashed with both the seeds and stems, you must now sift the peppers to get a pure powder.


Step 5: Use your hands to sift through and make sure all powder has been salvaged.


Read our next blog post to learn more about properly packaging this powder and sending it to the markets!

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